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"This course gives you way more than just a template - it shows you how to craft content that gets you interviews"

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We have created a detailed yet consumable course covering everything you need to create a great CV. Each section has a FastTrack video which will give you a great summary or refresher of each section – all of these FastTrack videos are now available as part of the Free Preview!

About Paul, Your CV Expert

For over 15 years, I have been helping professionals land great jobs. Jobs they want. Jobs they love. Jobs they deserve. In that time, there is one truth that has never changed:


“You won’t get an interview without a great CV”


What is more, a great CV is not just about how it looks, it is about what is in it. Layout is really important but content is key. We give you CV Templates to use but we also show you how to use them and what to put in your CV – that is what really makes the difference.


My career in recruitment covers both external agency (hiring for lots of clients) and internal recruitment (hiring for the company you work for). Aside from recruitment, through my coaching practice, I help people land the jobs they want. I have worked with:


  • People from second jobbers to executives;

  • Household brand names to the latest start ups;

  • All functions from finance to HR, sales to legal, and many more;

  • People and companies based all over the world;

  • People looking to change industry or function.


I know what to look for in a great CV and will show you everything I have learned in my career that will give you the advantage in yours.


What will this course do for you? 


This course delivers on detail, has great CV Templates to get you going and will show you exactly what needs to be on (and not on!) your CV to stand out from the crowd and get the interviews you deserve.

"A CV Template is not enough, you need great content"


This content is exactly what I use with 1 to 1 coaching clients yet at a fraction of the cost which is why I wanted to develop this course – I want to share the knowledge and experience at a really affordable price so more people could benefit from it.


The individual section videos are an average of 5 minutes so you can update your CV as you work through and all of our sections have a great Fast Track video to help you recap anything you need. This is one of the most comprehensive yet consumable and effective CV courses available today.


What do you get?


When you sign up, you will get 1 full month of access to all of our content and any updates. This is more than enough time to develop your ultimate professional CV and start to land interviews for the job you want to have right now.

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Our Risk Free Guarantee!

We are so confident you will love our course and get exactly what you need from it, we will refund your investment 100%.

*Terms & Conditions:

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Professional CV Course

Gary Prendergast

I found the course excellent. The course is broken down into short videos, which makes the content very digestible. You can also exit and resume the course w...

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I found the course excellent. The course is broken down into short videos, which makes the content very digestible. You can also exit and resume the course with ease. Solid examples given, which makes the content real. I would highly recommend this course to colleagues.

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